Tuesday, February 19, 2013

A Little Bird Told Me by Leada Wood, Artist Of Texas

A Little Bird Told Me by Leada Wood
Yes a little bird told me I was long overdue for a post on our blog. Sorry, I am still not seeing too well and have limited computer time, art time ect. I know excuses, excuses, excuses! Anyweay here I am posting away.

I love the little birds and have quite a collection of ceramic ones. I also love to feed them around my yard and watch them play. BUT NEVER SAY YOU EAT LIKE A BIRD! I am here to tell you those little birdies can pack it away!

This little watercolor is only 5x7 with a limited palette quickly done. TWEET THIS!


Kay Smith said...

This one is very sweet! I love it!

Linda Rupard said...

I like these little birds. Good job Leada.