Monday, April 16, 2012

Trees From Walton Workshop by Leada Wood

Estelle's Trees from Walton Workshop 2012

Sue's Trees from Walton Workshop 2012

Leada's Tree from Walton Workshop 2012

 This was one day of painting in this year's Walton Workshop.
We had to draw 10 tree shapes and then Douglas chose the one that we were to put on paper and paint. We did an underpainting and then used black paint and then Carmenized the rest of the painting. The paintings were as different as the artist in the class. It was a very interesting exercise. We did a lot of journey drawings and underpaintings and had a wonderful time taking our art to a new level. Douglas is an expert at bringing your creativity to an all time high! If you have not been experienced with Douglas Walton you must give it a try!

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Linda Rupard said...

Looks like you had a forest at the workshop. Love the way that each artist does the same subject. Reason I like challenges is the many different ways to do one subject. Good job Girls.