Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Caboose Watercolor Meeting Linda Rupard

This was taken at our Caboose Watercolor meeting .   We planned our next show which will be a traveling show .      We will all paint on canvas with edges painted so having  no frames they will all match .
(Our theme will be Messing With the Masters)   We are excited about this show, so many possibilities and each painting will explain about the painting & the artist that inspired  us  to paint  that painting.   We plan to have 5 paintings each, so 25 paintings will be in the traveling show.
  This traveling show is now scheduling  places to have the show.    If interested  please contact the Caboose blog or one of the Caboose artist.
Most of our artist  were able to be at this meeting & plan this wonderful show.   We thank Sue for hosting the meeting .     The beautiful colorful painting behind Sue is one of hers.    How about that wall?

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