Friday, June 10, 2011

Sunflowers and Pears

OK Linda here is the oil you wanted to see. 8-)

I did this one at the Ken Hosmer workshop couple of months ago. We painted it with the photo upside down! Had a heck of a headake

after it was done. Whew! Fun however.

Crop it a little close on the right side but otherwise OK.

Just a fun piece. There were only two of us that finish our paintings in that class. Up sidedown is hard for sure. Carole


laurie said...

I love this and upside down wow,, I paint water waves upside down,, I just found you today,, I love the vibrant colors of your work,, beautiful

Linda Rupard said...

Wow it is beautiful. Ken doing oils no more WC? You did good Carole. Thanks for sharing.

Kay Smith said...

She showed this to me right after she painted it and she sure has not lost her touch! It is beautiful.

Leada Wood said...

Beautiful Carole! I turn my paintings upside down a lot when painting, turning the photos teaches you to see and be more right brained and yes it makes your head hurt!