Friday, June 10, 2011

I've Got The Blues

This is a watercolor on paper. 11 x 15. I set up a basket of flowers & blue bottles in the window. Got some great blue shadows & light glows from the sun shining in the window.


Anonymous said...

this is beautiful,, so free and delicate,, I love it,

Carole Berry said...

Linda like your flowers. very nice.
and to answer your question about Ken Hosmer. he is teaching oils and watercolor. Don't think he will ever stop doing watercolors ever. 8-)

Linda Rupard said...

Thanks Girls. Laurie we are so glad to have you visit & comment on our work. Come back again.

Leada Wood said...

Very nice! Did you draw it first or just start painting? Has a fresh, loose feeling to it.

Linda Rupard said...

I drew the bottles but not the basket or flowers.