Friday, May 20, 2011

Hats & Box

Went to Lamesa for a WS with JoBeth . Their were 10 ladies & everyone brought hats. So we had lots of different kinds of hats. This is the first watercolor I did from one of the set ups. More hats will be done from my photos of hats, hats hats.


Leada said...

You know how I love HATS! I am so sorry I missed Jobeth's class, I know it was fun. I really like your painting, very lively and colorful!

Kay Smith said...

This one is my favorite of your hat series, Linda. BTW, I'm going to join you all in June in Lamesa. I canceled the Burridge class.

Linda Rupard said...

Thanks Girls hope you both can come to the next hat day in Lamesa.