Friday, February 18, 2011

Grey Transparent Watercolor Technique

Grey Transparent Watercolor Technique by Leada Wood

I am still exploring the mystery of this hibiscus! I started the same as in the other two demos, drawing lines and circles. This time I used only transparent compliments to make various shades of grey, again changing color or value as I came to a line. I defined the shape of the flower and put in the darks and then popped in bright color here and there for interest.  I have enjoyed playing around with this flower and will probably do more experimental watercolor...stay tuned!


Linda Rupard said...

You did paint another one . Good job getting er done.
Such a nice painting day at Studio Twenty. I like these little paintings cant wait for the next one. Good job!

Carole Berry said...

Leada I've been wanting to tell you how good the hibiscus are.
Very professional!

Just wonderful...keep up the good work Carole