Saturday, February 19, 2011

Experimental Chilies

Experimental Chilies by Leada Wood

I used frisket film and cut out shapes and placed on my paper and then painted a light wash of transparent watercolor over the shapes. When the underpainting was dry I drew my chili pepper on and then painted with local color, transparently so that some of the underpainting would show through. When that was dry I put in my shadows to complete the painting. 


Linda Rupard said...

Thank you for sharing with us. You did a good job. What is frisket film. Different then frisket?

Leada said...

Frisket film is a low tack clear vinyl paper that you can use on watercolor paper to resist paint. It peels off easily and does not leave a residue.

Kay Smith said...

Judi Betts is the one who taught us how to use the film; clear ConTac paper rolls does the same job for less money.

Leada said...

yea I have used them both for a long time and I can't really tell the difference.