Saturday, January 8, 2011

"Tiger Lilly" by Leada Wood

"Tiger Lilly" by Leada Wood (C) 2011 All Rights Reserved

This is a fun technique I played with today with a group of artists at Kay's studio. This is a mixed media watercolor, using everything but the kitchen sink and it is still intact at Kays! It is 9X12 on Strathmore paper. Kay commented that she had never seen me work so small, but I wanted to get finished today so that is why I worked smaller. I normally do 1/2 sheet or full sheet.  It was a fun day with a wonderful group of ladies...just artin around. Thanks Kay!
To see this in full resolution (you can see the textures better) visit my website:


Linda Rupard said...

Can tell you Guys had fun today. Good job. How did you like Strathmore paper?

Kay Smith said...

It is just stunning, Leada! Elegant and rich, too!

Leada said...

Thanks girls! It was good being with all of you gals today, fun day Kay!
The paper is ok won't give up my Arches, though. Good to experiment on, I let you try a sheet if you want.