Saturday, January 8, 2011

My Workshop Still Life

15x15 watercolor, oil pastels, colored pencils, wax candle on 140 lb Saunders cold press. After a sketchy drawing with CPs, I used a white candle to mark flowers. Texture medium was applied at random on dry paper as was watercolor. I color sanded CPs by grating their colored lead onto rough sandpaper letting that fall into wet paint. This Trevena style was the subject of my studio workshop today in which perspective is ignored, backruns are encouraged, and brilliant color enhanced. The black edged coffee table in the foreground has movie stars b&w photos and it sits upright looking at the viewer; at its far right is Clark Gable, my hero, and the most handsome man who ever lived. Glass vases come down towards the viewer. Masking tape used to create diagonals and OPs were used at the end to pop roses centers.

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Linda Rupard said...

This looks like fun? I love to ignore perspective . Nice.