Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Estelle Battles Leada for Sue's Art

Just an hour ago at Sue's house, these otherwise sedate and matronly women were fighting over who would take home Sue's lovely artwork! Estelle (seated) had opened the gift, but it was Leada's turn to either select a new one to open or to "take" someone else's; she chose to steal Estelle's! Imagine! Stealing from a sweet little ol' lady like that, and at Christmas, too!


Leada said...

Actually the sweet little ol lady stole it from me first! I was just taking back what was mine! What a fun party Sue.Thanks for hosting our Christmas party this year.

Leada said...

And I NEVER think of myself as matronly DO YOU?

Kay Smith said...

Reread what I wrote "...otherwise sedate and matronly..." maybe you are sedate, Leada, while Estelle is maybe matronly?