Wednesday, December 8, 2010

"Dreams Of Mine"

"Dreams Of Mine" by Leada Wood (c)2010 Mixed Media Collage
All Rights Reserved

I created this for the Caboose Watercolor Society's Christmas party. We always have an art exchange and this year I decided to do my art on the cover of a sketch book so that my friend can enjoy it all year long! I also included some grey scale markers to make sketching a little easier. I hope she likes it!
To see how I made it visit my blog www.leadasblog@


Kay Smith said...

It's MINE!!!! And I love it! Thank you so much, Leada.

Linda Rupard said...

Kay does that mean we will never be able to see that book again? It is nice isn't it. Better watch Estelle.

Kay Smith said...

Yep, Miss Sticky Fingers...

Carole Berry said...

Leada What a nice piece you have there. Or had as I understand it.
Merry Christmas girl. Keep painting. Carole