Tuesday, November 16, 2010

When The Trumpet Sounds

When The Trumpet Sounds by Leada Wood (c) 2010 All Rights Rerserved

Yes I am still painting angels! One to go but I must take them to the museum tomorrow. It has been a fun process and I can't wait to see all our heavenly paintings hanging together! This is transparent watercolor on Arches 15x22, with gold leaf added for her glory. Yes I drew everyone of the Fleu-De-Les in the background, they don't show too well in this photo as it is low resolution. I want to do this angel again with a stain glass effect in the background. Seems like I am never ready to give up working on our themed shows, the ideas just keep coming and I keep asking my self What If?


Kay Smith said...

Leada, this one really glows. I like the lower right corner lead-in of the composition crop. I can't wait to see this one in person.

Carole Berry said...

Oh leada O like this angel.
Very nice. She really speaks to me. Love all the background work on this one too. Carole

Leada said...

Thanks girls!