Sunday, November 21, 2010

Congratulations to everyone!

The Caboose Watercolor Society racked up this weekend at The Big Country Art Show! Sue Bagwell received 2nd place, Kay Smith, 2nd place, Estelle Howard 3rd place, Leada Wood 3rd place and Linda Rupard honorable mention. Congratulations to all! I am sure if Carole had entered she would have won something too! Sorry I didn't take pictures of Kays and Estelles if someone else did please post. The show only lasts one day so you have to be quick!


Kay Smith said...

What a bunch of way kewl artists!!!Congratulations everyone!

Carole Berry said...

Oh Wow! Back from Thanksgiving and tune into our BLOG and goodness!
Congratulations to everyone.
Job well done. Carole