Monday, December 1, 2014

Joy to the World

Last year I did this drawing on my ipad, and decided I would use the drawing for a painting  this year.  The top one is done with watercolor.  When i got through Keri said you were supposed to do that with T-Bone hanging out the window. SO....i duplicated my ipad drawing (on my iPad,so i wouldn't loose the original idea) and erased the snowpeople in the back window, and the kid hanging out the window.  Then I added T-Bone, and the gifts showing through the back window. We ordered some from Vista Print, and I am so anxious to see if they print up nice! I still enjoy drawing on the ipad  but is harder than using a pencil!!


Kay Smith said...

Love the Christmas art! Looks like your daughter's dog hanging his head out the passenger window.

Leada Wood said...

Very cute Suzy! Love that Tbone!

Linda Rupard said...

These are such sweet cards & memory keepers.
Good job Suzy