Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Leada's Mixed Media Demo in Big Spring

Tonight at Big Spring Art Association's opening fall meeting, guest artist Leada Wood of Colorado City (one of our Caboose gals) showed the crowd at Heritage Museum how to do her mixed media.  Using canvas and gel mediums, handmade papers and stamps, Leada incorporates these plus found objects into her abstractions.


Leada Wood said...

Man you are fast! I just got home not too long ago. Thanks for posting! It was fun!

Katherine Tyrrell said...

Nice to see an art society blog which has regular posts which feature its members paintings.

I'll be featuring this blog in "who's made a mark this week?" on Sunday on my blog Making A Mark

Linda Rupard said...

Thanks Katherine. Will go check out your blog. Kay you are fast I had just got home too. Pretty lady gave a good demo.