Friday, May 13, 2011


How about a challenge Girls? Be sure & post them. I took these photos at Olive Garden in Midland.


Kay Smith said...

Linda,these are very pretty but the images are too small at 150 x200 pixels. Can you enlarge and repost? Try to go to 800 or 900 pixels.

Linda Rupard said...

Let me know if they are big enough after you click on them? I got one full page & one half page from the clicked version.

Carole Berry said...

Linda I would love to do the challange But have a problem.
Ray's knee infection has come back.
We are doctoring a ton to see where it is and what it is.

So I will try and do them but will be slow Darn it.
Cross my finger for Ray here.
Doesn't look good. Carole

Linda Rupard said...

I am so sorry about Ray's knee. Don't worry anytime will be okay. I cant get them done for a few days either. We are praying for Ray to get better & you for the extra work things like this causes. So glad you were able to visit with Sue. Nice to be with friends.