Sunday, April 10, 2011

Contour Line Figure/Mixed Media

A few days ago I got the pen (Pigma Micron 01) Karlyn Holman gave me and began a continuous contour line drawing beginning at my head. With these type drawings you cannot let up on the pen so some lines are repetitive. It is on the back of a failed tulip watercolor, hence the bleedover colors you see. Last night I applied bubble wrap stamped texture using white acrylic. Then I brushed in a few places a mixture of 1/2 gesso and 1/2 water 1:1 ratio. This will be a mixed watermedia piece in preparation for my 23 April all day class at my studio.


Linda Rupard said...

I am looking forward to this process. Contour drawing isn't easy to get such a good drawing as you did. Well for me hard anyway but you are a master.

Leada said...

Kay I am enjoying your process post, it's always fun to see how you get from here to there.