Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Fork River, Arkansas 2

I couldn't stand it I repainted Fork River. Way to many trees in the last ones.
So starting out with gray base Watercolor and a Value plan I redid it. I did rearrange the landscape some and took out some trees for a better view.
It is still a fall picture so kept it that way.
I used the old and new Fork River for a demo in Shreveport.
I actually sold the new one! So I guess you can say I finally did it right. 8-) Carole


Linda Rupard said...

Good job. Makes you want to go again doesn't it? So nice to see your work. I can almost here the river moving.

Kay Smith said...

Very nice, Carole, and congratulations on your sale!!!!

Leada said...

Carole, I do like this one much better. Glad you had a sale!