Saturday, January 22, 2011

It is Mardi Gras season. We, some friends and I, painted fast and furiously for a show in Shreveport, LA for their show for Mardi Gras.
We had waited to long but made the deadline.
Great show and I think the outfits for the parade out did me 8-)
IF you never been the costumes are really beautiful.
Half sheet WC, Watercolor crayons, and Gouache. Used one of my granddaughters for the model. She loves dress up...what gril doesn't? Carole


Linda Rupard said...

That was a good place ro get photos for paintings. I am so glad you got to go. I loved Mardi Gras all the color costumes & friendly happy people. You got the color Carole. Good job.

Kay Smith said...

I think we all like the party atmosphere Mardi Gras produces. This is a wonderful colorful fun piece!

Linda Rupard said...

Carole we need to see some more of your Mardi Gras