Wednesday, November 10, 2010

You Never Know Who Is Watching!

Guess what girls? I have just found out we are in Columbus College of Art and Design magazine for our watercolor collage show in Kerrville, Texas. We were included , with my name, in an article they developed to help recruit new students.
Thanks to CCAD for the publicty and to Linda and Tex for ALL their hard work. Good going to ALL! 8-) Carole Berry


Linda Rupard said...

yea Carole how can we get one of those magazines.

Leada said...

Well Surprise, Surprise, Surprise! How can we all get a copy for our portfolios? You just never know who is watching, do you. HMMMMM...Keep BLOGGING!!!

Kay Smith said...

CCAD is Carole's alma mater, by the way. I hope we can all get a copy of it.

Here is your adorable fox collage.

Thanks to Linda for taking our show on the road, too!!!

We are also to be featured in Living magazine, published by the Big Spring Herald, an article about the angel exhibition. Sue and I gave them a lengthy interview today.

Linda Rupard said...

This is a nice painting. He thinks he is hidden. Good job