Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Judi Betts workshop, Lubbock, Texas

This is the group of ladies I had the privilege of attending Judi Betts workshop with in Lubbock, Texas. We  were at the Ranch and Heritage Center, which is a wonderful facility for workshops, as well as a great museum. What a fun week it was! Carla Bennett did a wonderful job making us all feel at home and making sure everything ran smoothly. Thank you Carla! I made lots of new friends and got to know some old ones better. A really great group of ladies and wonderful artists!


Linda Rupard said...

Looks like a fun group. Pretty big group. Glad you got to do the WS & learned so much.

Kay Smith said...

She had a good class!

Leada said...

It was a wonderful group of seasoned artist...Judi said we were her best class..so sweet!