Friday, October 29, 2010

Bar Ranch

Since all my angels are at the Museum I have started painting landscapes. It is Plein Air season. Leaves are just beginning to turn.
Not much rain so when they do turn they fall off the trees the next day.
This is a half sheet that I finished in the studio.
It is a ranch about 40 miles away. Bless with tons of ponds for the cattle. You can see part of it off of I-30 on the way to Dallas.


Kay Smith said...

This is a superb landscape!!! Peaceful and calm with nature all around.

Linda Rupard said...

Love it Carole. Thanks for posting feels more like we are painting together.
Happy painting

Leada said...

The trees are turning here too. Would be nice to sit outside and paint...such lovely weather but I am still painting angels!