Monday, September 20, 2010

The Joker Is Wild

The Joker Is Wild, (c) 2010 by Leada Wood
All Rights Reserved

This is a challenge by the West Texas Watercolor Society. You could use their arrangement of bottles or create your own still life. I collect beautiful glass bottles so I created my own still life.I sat the bottles in a sunny window and photographed them and then began the painting. It is a half sheet on Arches paper, done with transarent watercolor.


Linda Rupard said...

very nice it needs to go on WTWC web page. I really like the joker. I like the window frame breaking up the space. Good bottles & reflections.

Kay Smith said...

This is very well done Leada.

Ellen said...

I like the Joker - it's amazing what you can see if you look at things the right way!