Thursday, September 2, 2010

Guardian Angel

Hi to all, I've been working on Angels for the show. How is everyone doing with their angels?

This is a WC with gold and silver watercolor.
Fun to do.
My main problem is keeping them for the show.
People wander in my studio and buy them. So have taken to putting them in the closet till the show.
Size is little over a quarter sheet.


Linda Rupard said...

Very nice Carole. Nice touch using gold & silver. I have 3 started but none finished yet. Still trying to move so no painting time right now.

Leada said...

Selling is NEVER a problem Carole! I haven't begun my angels yet as I work best under pressure! I am still working on challenges and fall shows. Maybe I better get started as it will be here before I know it. Nice angel!

Kay Smith said...

Never hide an angel or the DEVIL will come!

I really do like this one, Carole! Just soft and ethereal as it should be. Excellent!

As a colorist I'm having a hard time with all the white, silver, blue, and gold. Today worked on two and don't like either one.