Friday, August 6, 2010

Ranch Dressin

Ranch Dressin by Leada Wood (c) 2010 All Rights Reserved
This a 22X30 watercolor on Arches paper. A lady wanted me to paint this for their 25th wedding anniversary as a surprise for her husband. It consists of her husbands hat, rope and boots, her father in laws chinks, and her daughter's saddle. Don't you just love it when you get to share in someone's life and bring them joy! Being an artist is a wonderful thing, I get to do what I love and share it with others. I am truely blessed. Sold


Linda Rupard said...

This is a very good painting. Glad it is sold. Make good prints for the Boot Store.

Linda Rupard said...

I saw these items. So neat that they belonged to an old cowboy. You DID a good job. His family will enjoy this painting so much.

Leada said...

Thanks Linda! It's nice to do an heirloom painting for someone and know that they really like it.

Ellen said...

The only thing missing is the horse! Great picture!!