Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Hi Guys
Back and painting. Should be able to post more in the next two weeks.
this painting is small...1/4 sheet Watercolor.
I did it in May for the women's retreat for our church. Was ask to do a image and leave room for people to write comments on the bottom.
It is a WC collage with Calligraphy underneath.
It was a fun piece to do.
We ran about 50 copies for all to use. I think it speaks for it self.


Leada said...

Wecome back Carole! I love this painting of the Holy Spirit, the colors are beautiful. I can see a little of the underpainting or maybe that is the collage I am seeing. Just throw an angel in there and you will have one for the next show! LOL! Glad you are painting again.

Linda Rupard said...

I am so proud of you. Nice dove & cross. You did
calligraphy on it too. Good Job!

Linda Rupard said...

Carole can you do another like this with an angel in the dove's place. The calligraphy is really a nice touch. A bible verse with angel in it would be so nice for that.

Kay Smith said...

You've gotten it all together in such a nice way. Praise the Lord!

Ellen said...

Absolutely georgous! It makes you think - what a wonderful piece.