Sunday, May 30, 2010

Squirt texting

Here are two of my art students with their latest work.  It was an exciting process and fun for them! They first drew a shoe and then outlined it with crayon, next the fun began as they picked their colors and wet the paper and squirt paint on the paper. When it was dry they had to decide whether to leave the shoe with the underpainting or the background as the underpainting. Both decided to leave the background. They then proceeded to paint their shoes and finish their painting. This is an exciting and fun process for any age!


Kay Smith said...

OH what fun they're having! Love their work!

Estelle Howard said...

You are so special teaching this exciting process and showing these beautifull Students. They are precious. I recognize them.

Linda Rupard said...

What smart students you have. I may need them to draw my shoe for me. Good job.