Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Bull Rider

This painting was painted from a photo I took of cowboy on a longhorn in Bandera, TX. Lots of cowboys & cowgirls on horses. This one was on a special mount. I asked what they were doing & they were bar hopping. Guess mounts could take them home better then cars.


Leada said...

You just gotta love Bandera! ONLY IN TEXAS! Love this one Linda!

Anne Hayward said...

I saw a cowboy riding a longhorn outside of Canon City, CO today (01/22/14/). I wish I had a camera. Came home and did an internet search looking for an image to capture what I saw. I love your watercolor! Your painting and the real thing both made me smile.

Linda Rupard said...

Thanks Anne, it was fun to see all the cowboys on horses & the one lone cowboy on the longhorn. . I loved that the rider told me they were barhopping when I asked what was happening when I took the photo.