Monday, May 17, 2010

4 objects painting - Sue Bagwell

This is the first painting I did for the 4 object challenge. It is on Black tar paper and is painted with acrylics.
There will be one other. It's really different for me. I dreamed it! The first time I ever dreamed a painting and then got up....drew it....and painted it the next day. I will post it as soon as I get it uploaded.


Linda Rupard said...

Love this you have a Iron Maiden. Can't wait to see what you dreamed up.

Kay Smith said...

A lovely dream personified!

Estelle Howard said...

This was a magical dream. So very lovely

Leada said...

Sue this is very nice, has a dream like quality to it. Good you got it on paper while it was still in your head.

Carole Berry said...

Sue I LOVE your four object painting. A great way to solve the problem of four different objects.

Four Butterflies are great too.
Glad you putting it into the Museum show.

Kay Smith said...

Please let me know how the show goes!