Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Wimberley Arts Fest

Linda and I had a fun time in Wimberley this weekend.  The town square was blocked off and was filled with artisians, music and people. The weather was perfect and the wildflowers were gorgeous! It was great to be able to participate in the Wimberley Arts Fest, allthough a lot of work getting ready for it! Linda and I were very tired by the end of the day.The Fest was very well organized, Kudos to the Wimberley Art League.


Kay Smith said...

Where is Wimberley? That's a pretty booth. Did you sell any?

Leada said...

Wimberley is between San Marcos and Austin. It was a little pavillion with 4 areas designed in a circle with a tent on top. Nice set up but wish it had been pegboard as the wood panels were very hard to hammer into. YES!!We SOLD ART!!!