Friday, March 12, 2010

Splats - negative painting in layers

A year ago this demo, 7.5x11, was done for WetCanvas' Watercolor forum in the Learning Zone. First you get a large brush, stand on a chair and squeeze drops from a round brush to fall onto the paper laying flat. Then develop around the flowers, foliage, stems and branches in layers painting negative shapes.


Leada said...

How interesting...was the paper wet or dry? Were the only drops the center of the flowers or 5 drops, one color?

Linda Rupard said...

Nice Kay but to us klutzes we may need to lay the painting on the floor & drip color. You are giving us nice warm Spring color & flowers. Thank you

Kay Smith said...

Yes, drip the splats onto dry paper on a flat surface, either the floor or a low table.