Sunday, March 21, 2010

retry for Cal-Polly

This is a illustration of a entry in the Cal-Polly Rose Bowl Parade Float for 2001? The theme was "The Wonder of Flight" features two waving bears in yellow Cal-Polly planes just taking off one of the cliffs off the coast of California, with animated rotating propellers. There are flowers on the float with butterflies fluttering and bees buzzing around a hive. Birds in flight take off behind the plane. There is water pooling around the lower part of the float with fish that jump out occasionally and flowers all around. Of course everything is made up of flowers or natural seeds or parts of plants. I got the opportunity to travel to the previous year's parade and participate in decorating the Cal-Polly float and going to the parade. It was one of my most memorable experiences. The barns are full of the most beautiful flowers and the people are like ants hurrying around to complete the floats. Cal-Polly and one other float are the only two floats left in the Rose Bowl Parade that are still "Hand built"....that means it is all volunteers who do all the work from design to decorating to driving the float. All the others are hired professionals.


Sue said...

It came up this time. I know I did exactly the same thing as last time. I know where the box is next to the abc. I know to click it. I remember I will get to select a format for the photo and that I get the browse box. But it did not work on my computer last time and I did not get a browse box for some reason, that's why I tried it twice and why I called Leada to ask what might be wrong. Maybe it's my computer as it took like, 7 minutes to load the photo this time. I can live with that though. I will try not to ask dumb questions. Sue

Kay Smith said...

You did it!!!! What an amazing illustration!